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What did Nehru say about Russia’s Ambassador to Bajpai?


(G.N.S.) Dt. 25
After India’s independence, Congress and Jan Sangh are clearly againts eachother. There was a lot of difference in both ideology. Than to Nehru and Bajpai had great respect for each other. Today’s its 93rd Birthday of Bajpai. Here are some flashes of the events of his excellent performance as politician.
1962, Some Russian diplomats came to meet Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. When the diplomats were going back Nehru said them that, I think when you have come to India you should meet one person and his name is Atal Bihari Bajpai. Nehru said that he is in opposition party, than too I appreciate his political capacity and understanding. One day he will be a very important man in Indian politics, I feel that and he sent the Russian diplomats to Bajpai.
In this way, when Bajpai first time became a part of the central government, he also kept such kind of high deal for his political opponent. In the government of Morarji Desai, Bajpai became the Foreign Minister and when he entered his chamber his attention drawed on the wall which was blank. For some moment he thought on his own and that asked Secretary that as far as I remember there was one photo frame on the wall, whose photo was it? Secretary said with hesitation, that it was of Nehru, but now the government has changed so the frame has been taken off. Bajpai informed to place the photo in five minutes after all Nehru was the prime minister of the country and not of any party.

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