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Hardik’s Question, who are frightening Hindus of Muslims?


(G.N.S.) Dt. 25
Patidar Reservation Committee coordinator Hardik Patel sends a message to people on WhatsApp and Social Media. Interesting thing in it is he did not mentioned jai sardar anywhere in that message. In that viral message he just questioned and noted that why patidars are afraid of Muslims? Are who are frightening Hindus of Muslims? He has talked about the persecution on the Patidars and the Godhra incident. He blamed RSS by directly attacking and called as an terrorist organization. Not only that in the end of his message he noted “jai samvidhan(Constitution)” , “Jai Vigyan ( Science)” and “ jai Kisan(Farmer)” and “jai Javan”
In the messge hardik has noted that Violence started at night on 25th August during Patidar reserve movement. Police thrashed patidars entering their societies and the houses, at that extend that they went 5 floors up of any broke out the property of the people. Especially in surat and ahmedabad how have faced the situation and it was not only the police but a large number of anti-social elements also joined police. The bootleggers and the anti-social gangsters of the police station area were involved in the activity. In this way the police and the anti-social elements joined for the activity. More harresmant was made by such anti-social elements and gangsters than police.

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