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Rajinikanth extends support to Narendra Modi to secure 81 seats in three South Indian states


– After becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Rajinikanth will cast his magic in Lok Sabha Election.
– Will Rajinikanth support Modi and join NDA with 39 seats of Tamilnadu, 25 of Andra Pradesh and 17 of Telangana?

Rajinikanth, who is worshiped like God in whole South India, including Tamil Nadu and who has millions of fans, announced the official entry into politics by forming a political party on the last day of 2017 which has even shaken the center of politics (New Delhi). However, one leader has not shaken up with this and it is said that as said by that leader; Rajinikanth has been in politics to fulfill the vacuum created in politics after Jayalalitha’s death. This leader is none other than Prime Minister Narendra Modi who is also preparing for the 2024 Lok Sabha along with the 2019 Lok Sabha. The discussions are going on about Modi’s and Rajnikanth’s friendship, at that moment target’s 81 Seats of Tamilnadu, Andra Pradesh and Telangana. The total seats of this 3 states is equivalent to U.P(80).
Political observers say that “Amma” (Jayalalitha) was a powerful leader there. After she passed away her party AIADMK has broken into two divisions. So Modi has taken up the agenda to flag saffron in South India moving ahead from Karnataka. He had even tried to co-align with other regional party DMK of Tamil Nadu. Above all Modi has a big hope on Rajinikanth even because they have good relation, which would benefit BJP. Rajinikanth well known as Thalaiva, announced to contest all 243 seats in Tamil Nadu. In Lok Sabha, there are 81 seats including 39 of Tamil Nadu, 25 of Andhra Pradesh and 17 of Telangana.
Political observers also concluded that Rajinikanth is the next Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. He is capable to win 200 seats out of 234. It is easy for him and his party to cover 30 seats out of 39 seats in the Lok Sabha Election. He also shows love to his fans. Apart for it millons of his fans are in registered fan clubs. If Rajinikanth wins 60 out of 81 seats in the Lok Sabha elections, he could join the government in support of Modi. BJP’s Vajpayee government once had support of Jayalalithaa and DMK. Now modi needs a support to win the next lok sabha election again, and with the support of Rajinikanth Modi might not face any other difficulty in becoming prime minister again. With majority seats from Tamilnadu’s 234 seats and majority seats in loksabha out of 81 will be the strong support for Modi. BJP is in plan to move ahead joining hands with Rajinikanth.

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