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Class 1 boy suffers burns after hot dal thrown at him


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Mid-day meal was being launched for children studying in primary schools across the nation. An incidance was came in light while a class 1 boy was suffered burns after a mid-day meal cook threw hot dal at him in a primary school in Ludra village of tribal Dindori district which is situated about 400 km away in west direction of Bhopal.

The parents of the child Prince Kumar alleged that the cook Nemwati Bai deliberately threw dal at him on January 23 as she was angry with him for some reason.

However, Nemwati denied this allegation, saying that the dal fell on Prince accidentally when he came running. She claimed that she had told her superiors about the incident, but a school teacher M L Bangar denied the same.

Prince’s father Rajkumar Ateshwar said the school had not provided any first aid or any treatment to Prince, and neither did they inform superiors. Also, no action was taken by the local police.

A day after the incident, unable to bear the pain, the boy was taken to the Dindori district hospital, where the police post took cognisance of the incident and informed authorities.

Assistant commissioner, tribal welfare department, Prashant Arya said the department came to know of the incident only on Monday and assured action against the guilty.

The contract of the self-help group serving the mid-day meal in the school, has been suspended, and action is likely against the cook after inquiry, officials of the tribal welfare department said.

A team from Child Protection Commission met the boy on Tuesday and issued a notice to the primary school management, local officials said.

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