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AIADMK MP Maitreyan urged PM Modi to offer personal attention to issues relating to TN


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AIADMK senior leader and party Rajya Sabha member V Maitreyan on Monday urged the prime minister to offer his personal attention on issues relating to Tamil Nadu. Maitreyan praised Modi for dealing with a wide range of issues concerning the nation in his interview with a tv channel.
He said the prime minister could have made references to the specific issues concerning south India. As far as Tamil Nadu is concerned, even though the BJP as a party has no significant presence in the state, the people of Tamil Nadu as a whole, cutting across party lines, had high regards for Modi and had great expectations from him when he assumed office in 2014.
“Of late, on various issues concerning Tamil Nadu – be it Cauvery Management Board or NEET or methane gas or fishermen issue or AIIMS in TN, there is growing resentment against the Centre. It is very necessary that Prime Minister Modi shows his personal attention and assure the people of the state that he is on the same page with them,” Maitreyan said.
He said When Modi was voted to power in 2014, the country had great expectations from him. “I had gone on record at that time that with a massive mandate, if he cannot deliver, no other leader could deliver. Three and half years down the line, the country is on the right track. There may be slow progress in some areas, but on the whole, the country is moving forward,” he said.
On the issue of simultaneous polls to Lok Sabha and state assemblies, the AIADMK MP felt the central government should initiate structured discussion with political parties, stakeholders and elicit consensus. “But, with Lok Sabha polls round the corner, I am afraid we are missing the bus. Nonetheless, the beginning has to be made,” Maitreyan said.

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