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‘MAA Vatsalya Card’ accredited journalists hurts the bureaucrats of Rupani Government


The government of Gujarat has decided to provide free of cost health treatment to the family members of the accredited journalists by linking their Accreditation Cards with the MAA Vatsalya Amrutam Yojana.  It has been a year since this decision was made which enabled as many as 700 journalists to provide the necessary details to avail the benefits of the same. Rather than following a tedious and cumbersome process, the administration decided to write, “The card holder and his/her family members shall be liable to avail the benefits of MAA Vatsalya health services” on the back side of the smart accreditation card of the journalists. The sensitive decision by the government created a soft corner for them.
Earlier, the Information Department of Government of Gujarat had made an attempt to spread the politics of caste by putting up a point wherein they asked the caste of the concerned journalists. However, the issue was resolved after heavy protests and again the department has made it difficult for the journalists to avail the MAA card. The Information Department and the Health Department of Government of Gujarat had asked a long list of information from the journalists. On one hand, while the government is trying to provide easy facilitation for the services it provides; on the other hand, the administration is bent on making things complex for the journalists.  Shall the media consider this as another plot of the Information Department so that the journalists do not get the benefits of this scheme of the government? A few months ago, the GSRTC used to issue a separate card for the people travelling in the state buses. However, the government decided to stop them and allowed only the journalists with an accreditation card to travel without any cost in the state transport buses.  In the same way, it is expected that the government shall bring a fast paced method in order to enable the journalists avail the benefits of the MAA Health card.

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