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Accident and Emergency Care Initiative Centre opened by Minister C Vijaya Baskar


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Health minister C Vijaya Baskar inaugurated a 28-bed Accident and Emergency Care Initiative Centre in the Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital attached to the Madras Medical College. The centre will have state-of-the-art triage facilities and trained staff to ensure morbidity and mortality is reduced. The Rs 25lakh facility has been set up as part of Australia-India Trauma System.
“The beds have certain colour codes depending on the condition of the patient,” said health secretary J Radhakrishnan. Two beds are for resuscitation, five are coded red for critically ill patients, 17 are yellow for patients with moderate injuries and five others are green for patients who have suffered smaller injuries.
“No patient will remain in the centre for more than six hours. While those in the red will be stabilised and sent to the ICU, those in yellow will be admitted as in-patients. Patients in green beds will be treated as outpatients and sent home,” he said.
The triage rooms have with life-saving equipment such as ventilator and defibrillator besides diagnostic devices such as ultrasound, ECG and x-ray. Critical care experts in the hospital will be alerted about the patient by the paramedical staff from state-run 108 ambulances. The paramedics, doctors and nurses across the state will be given standard treatment protocols and case sheets.
In 2016, Tamil Nadu topped the country in road accidents and counted more than 17,000 fatalities. While the state topped in the total number of accidents, it was a close second in the number of deaths. An audit by the state government revealed that more than 70% of the accident happened on 8% of the roads, particularly highways, and deaths happened because accident victims were not able to reach hospitals and receive basic first aid.
In November 2017, Vijaya Baskar announced that the state would launch a comprehensive trauma policy for the state – where smaller hospitals would be linked to referral hospitals in a hub and spoke model. A few months ago, the government set up a small emergency care centre on the ECR near Chennai to offer first aid before critically injured patients.

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