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Two juveniles detained with help of Hotel owner for snatching phone


(G.N.S) Dt. 09
Two juveniles were caught when they took a break for tea after using a motorcycle to rob an expensive cellphone from a pedestrian in Mylapore on Sunday night.
At 9.45 pm, the duo on the bike snatched the phone when the 40-year-old man was on it at Mundagakanniyamman Koil street in Mylapore. The owner of a hotel, who witnessed the mugging, gave chase on his motorcycle for nearly 15 minutes but was not able to catch them.
The duo later took refuge at a tea shop. “The hotel owner arrived at the tea shop and caught hold of them,” said an investigating officer. The hotel owner did not disclose his identity. The two juveniles pretended to be innocent when police asked them about the stolen mobile phone.
Since their stories were contradictory, officers took them to Mylapore police station. During interrogation, the duo confessed to the crime. They said they were involved in cell phone snatching cases at Ice House and Triplicane areas. The juveniles targeted those who were engrossed in phone conversations at deserted stretches. They told police they had snatched at least 15 mobile phones in a month time. Both were arrested and police also seized the bike from the two.

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