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TN minister C.Vijaya Baskar crosses line, calls female reporter ‘beautiful’


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Tamil Nadu Health Minister C.Vijaya Baskar crossed the line and called a female reporter beautiful ‘thrice’, the remark was caught on camera.Controversy is an old friend of Tamil Nadu’s Health Minister C Vijayabaskar. On Thursday night however, he established himself as creepy and shameless, as well as controversial. The minister was questioned by a woman reporter about what had happened at a late-night MLA meeting of the AIADMK that he had just attended, and instead of giving a straight reply – or even simply walking off – the man decided to bring out his inner creepiness.
“Your specs are nice,” the minister began, when asked about the meeting. When the reporter persisted with her question, he reiterated: “Your specs look good!”
The reporter, who remained professional throughout, said, “I wear these specs everyday. What was discussed in the meeting?
To this, the minister replied, “Okay. Today, you look beautiful. You look beautiful.”
Even when he finally manages to say “seniors leaders will talk”, he quickly follows it up with his creepy statement. Turning around and pointing his finger at the journalist even as his coterie is seen giggling behind him, he says, “You look beautiful, you look beautiful, you look beautiful.”
While the reporter in question wishes to stay anonymous, the entire incident was caught on camera.

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