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Terrorism is major disruptor of global economy: Sushma Swaraj


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New Delhi

Hitting out at the sponsors of international terrorism, India on Wednesday urged for greater consensus among countries for devising a global strategy.

Speaking at the plenary session of the 3rd Raisina Dialogue here, External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj said terrorism is a major disruptor of the global economy and has delivered a jolt to the process of globalisation.

“We are all now very clear that terrorism anywhere can threaten societies everywhere. The challenge is even more serious in a digital age, with greater propensity to radicalisation. However, there are still old assumptions and established mindsets in this regard,” Ms. Swaraj said in her remarks opening the annual event which this year has the theme, “Managing Disruptive Transitions: Ideas, Institutions and Idioms.”

“Terrorism is undeniably the mother of all disruptions today. There was a time when it was also actively utilised as an instrument of statecraft. That time has long gone by,” Ms. Swaraj said, indicating India’s arguments about Pakistan-based terror groups.

The 3rd annual Raisina Dialogue was launched on Tuesday by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu where he described terrorism as a major threat to the democracies in the twenty-first century. Continuing with the theme of ensuring safety for democracies, Ms Swaraj remarked that security and socio-economic developments, have pushed globalisation into a retreat and said, “…what is even more dangerous is terrorism from governed spaces; in fact, terrorism actively supported and sponsored by states. Ensuring zero-tolerance towards terrorism is the call of the day.”

The Minister said that while international terrorism by Islamic State, which grew out of ungoverned territories, is dangerous, more dangerous, she said, is terrorism from “governed spaces.”

Ms Swaraj also pointed out that another emerging disruptor is the concern over maritime movement.

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