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Surprising: Fiasco of addiction-free state begins from ‘Gujarat assembly’ campus in Rupani’s rule…!!!


(G. N. S.) Gandhinagar, Dt. 26

At one end, the state government is spending crores of rupees from people’s pocket for making addiction-free state. In other side, health condition of MLAs is getting poor; therefore recently the timing of house has also been changed. Visitors can easily visualize pan-masala, guthka shop right nearby the house like a street of the city. People can see number of long strips of pan-masala and guthka and may get bidi and cigarettes from these shops as well. If one can see such harmful things for health right at the state assembly house, we can not blame on the small cottages opened nearby educational institutes. Thus people may not blame on such cottages but in my language it is a big failure of Rupani government itself.

Since many years, the timing of state assembly for Friday was 8.30 am, but due to the health issues of MLAs such as diabetes, hyper tension, blood pressure etc. MLAs are not able to wake-up early in the morning and reaching assembly on time was not possible. Therefore, the timings were changed from 8.30 am to 9.30 am for Fridays in sake of their health issues and timings given to waking up and to attend state assembly on time. Now, the issue is the MLAs also have to think with concerning about people’s health as theirs and think about such harmful material being sold under their nose in the assembly campus itself openly. The sessions in assembly will go on as per its schedule and same as such cottages will too be in trend.

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