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Self-imposed censorship by media: a threat for the nation


(G.N.S., Prashant Dayal) Dt.23
Generally, paper and pen are basic requirements of a journalist, there are many things that need to be noted during the day in reporting. So we can correct from such notes, in 1988 I completed my journalism studies and gradually my journey as a journalist started and the newspapers were changing one by one. I know for a few years that I fell for a couple of different things, the first thing is that I spent thirty years doing journalism but I never kept a paper diary during these years, when I didn’t make a note diary.
Fellow journalists were drifting in small things, but when I did my due diligence to find out why I needed to do so, what came to me was,
We automatically forget what we like or what we like, we do not forget for a lifetime, we have seen many films till now, we have not taken a diary pen to a single film and have not recorded it yet the films we like.
The dialogue and lyrics of the fall have gotten us into trouble because with our hearts, it just ended up being simply my journalistic, insufficient leg in the early stages of journalism. Despite the many job opportunities and many problems beyond that, journalism ties me with my heart, and it didn’t stop me from thinking about my problems and other things that because of my work, I didn’t even have to write down the required dates during the reporting.
The other thing was that when I was a freshman in journalism and asked a lot of questions to the leaders and officials at the press conference, you know my senior saying that some leader has a good relationship with your editor-in-chief? If I say someone is a friend of my editor-in-chief is his personal question, the only question I should ask as a journalist is another important thing why my editor-in-chief asks me why I should not ask or ask such a question to some leader. No matter what the question is, the question is not limited to the journalist. The journalist is starting to decide for himself.
I and my editors have had these kind of conceptual encounters many times, when no journalist’s story is published and they assume that they are never going to write about this topic or this person, but my view is different, I have decided that my editor The subject of whom the owner should have a good relationship with is the subject of telling me the story I feel as a journalist.
If you don’t like it, even if you get annoyed, what more does the owner own and throw my story into dustbin, no matter what the editor and owner have the right to decide if my story is going to dustbin, but I’ll keep writing and I will do the same. I did not publish my story and knew that it was going to Dustbin.
Despite that, I kept writing on those topics.
The reason behind doing this was not to hurt anyone or to rebel against the editor, but I noticed that the journalist who acted in a disgusting way of the business owner stopped asking questions first and then stopped writing, which happened with prestigious editors and owners. At the time of creation, one of the best journalists at the time forgot to ask and write, which caught his eye in spite of the questions, that question came to their eyes, it happened not only to journalists but also to editors and owners too.
They decided voluntarily to disregard the government and leaders, which led to the voluntary censorship of journalism, especially in the local language.
Then, if the citizens look at Ahmedabad’s IIM Road on the issue of Kashmiris, no newspaper and other media will cover the event. Similarly, there are issues of evacuation of Dalits living in front of Gandhi ashram which are not covered in any news or media. We are now going through Self-imposed censorship by media.

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