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SBI share prices hike by 4 points on NSE and BSE


(G.N.S) Dt. 05
State Bank of India’s share prices this morning opened at a little higher value than previous closing value. The price per share was Rs 304 on Bombay Stock Exchange and Rs 304.5 on National Stock Exchange. In the end of the trading session, SBI’s share value went up by 4.05 points on BSE to close at Rs 308.05exactly 4 points on NSE.
January 03, 2018: State Bank of India’s share prices surged in today’s morning trade. As compared to yesterday’s closing value, the share prices of the bank jumped up by 2 points on BSE and nearly 3 points on NSE. But unlike the opening trend, the value of the bank dropped in the evening session. After going up as high as Rs 306.45, the shares fell to 302.85 on BSE and NSE.
January 02, 2018: On the first day of the year’s trade session, the share value of State Bank of India was at a low throughout. On BSE, the value opened at Rs 308.10 and went up as high as Rs 308.85 to close at Rs 302.90 and on NSE, it opened at Rs 309 and closed at Rs 303.25. Analysts suggest that this happened because the bank reduced its base rate by 30 basis points to 8.65 per cent.

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