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Roads turned into bylanes due to metro rail pillars


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Metro rail pillars have slowed down traffic in many areas including Jubilee Hills Check Post, Hi-Tec City, Secunderabad, Narayanguda, RTC Crossroads and Sultan Bazar. The Old City has been particularly affected with vehicle movement being reduced to a snail’s pace, especially at Mozzamjahi Market, Malakpet and Chaderghat.
In Koti, where roads are jam-packed, only one car can pass through a road at a time due to the space crunch as pillars have occupied most of the space. “The road is already congested and traffic during peak hours barely moves an inch. The metro pillars have further worsened commuters’ woes,” said Neeru Latha, a techie from the city, who uses the main Koti road frequently.
The police say they have identified places where traffic has been brought to a crawl
owing to metro pillars. “We have given a report to the Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) about the ‘choking points’ in the city. Widening of roads is a solution to reduce traffic congestion at such points,” said A V Ranganath, deputy commissioner of police (traffic), Hyderabad.
Apart from traffic congestion, blind corners in areas such Jubilee Hills Road Number 36, Yousufguda and Tarnaka are both dangerous as well as points of congestion for commuters.
“When there are such blind corners, we are forced to break suddenly. At these points, if a metro pillar is present, it can become dangerous as there is a chance of the vehicle coming behind ramming into one’s car,” said Sankeerth Agarwal, an engineering student spotted at Tarnaka.
The police say they have identified 40 spots in the city which can be dangerous due to the construction of metro pillars. Realignment of road, additional singe and better illumination should be provided at these spots for the safety of commuters,” said A V Ranganath, pointing out fatal accidents that have taken place at Jubilee Hills to highlight his concerns. Among the many cases of accidents that have taken place in Jubilee Hills, AP minister P Narayana’s son was killed when his car hit a metro pillar last year.
For their part, HMRL officials have said they have formed a committee and made suggested changes to improve traffic flow. They said measures have also been taken to avoid accidents. “The inputs given by the committee, such as additional signage have been set up. To ensure free flow of traffic, we have segregated the main carriage way and entryexit points unlike other cities,” said Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) managing director, NVS Reddy.
He said that the main focus of HMRL now is on pedestrianisation, keeping in mind the long-term conditions of the city. ” We have already constructed side walkways for people,” said NVS Reddy.

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