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Rajinikanth’s political plunge trembles Kamal Haasan!!


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While the Thalaivar Rajinikanth took his own time to take the plunge, Kamal Hassan beat him to it. It won’t be wrong to say that Kamal blindsided everyone by becoming active in politics.
After M.G. Ramachandran, Rajinikanth emerged as the darling of Tamil cinema, setting box office records in film after film through the 90s and even in his last release, Kabali.
While MGR was closely associated with the leading figures of the Dravidian movement and responsible for popularising Dravidian ideology to the public through his movies, Rajinikanth’s political messaging was mostly restricted to whether he would enter politics.
Rajinikanth’s fan base, however, can be compared to MGR’s.
Apart from the entertainment that his films provided, millions of his fans went to movies to see what he had to say about politics and his political entry. Several dialogues in Rajinikanth’s hit films such as Muthu and Padayappa appeared to be directed at Jayalalithaa.
The actor acknowledges that he came close to becoming the Chief Minister in the 1996 State assembly election. His decision to oppose then Chief Minister Jayalalithaa likely catalysed her defeat in the 1996 Assembly election. In that election, the AIADMK won only four seats and Jayalalithaa lost. Between 1996 and 2004, Rajinikanth expressed several political opinions. In 2002, he said that he wanted to start a people’s movement for interlinking of rivers.
In 2004, he pledged his support for the AIADMK-BJP alliance for the same reason. Since then, the actor has chosen to keep away from making any major political statements. In his 2002 release Baba, actor Rajinikanth played a man who receives seven boons from god. As he uses his last wish to make an honest man the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and prepares to leave for the Himalayas, he is forced to turn back as the Chief Minister is killed. The film ends with a card saying “To be continued”, suggesting that he could get into politics some time in future. With two of his movies, 2.0 and Kaala, set to release in 2018, Rajinikanth fans are likely to throng the theatres to see what he has to say, now that he has become a politician.
Unlike his onscreen competitor, Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan had never expressed his wish to enter electoral politics or support a particular leader/party either in his interactions with the media or in his movies, until recently. It all changed in the last year after the death of former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s death.
The actor became increasingly vocal about how the wheels were coming off the ruling AIADMK and he began criticising the ruling party on various issues, such as NEET, on social media, in his interviews to newspapers and television channels, and in platforms such as the Bigg Boss show, where he formally announced that he would enter politics.
The actor is no stranger to the machinations of political parties as several of his movies have been embroiled in controversies, notably Hey Ram and Vishwaroopam. Kamal Haasan has been consistently vocal about his opposition to religious-right wing forces in the country and support for the non-violent ideals of Gandhi and rationalism.
Much like MGR, the actor has slipped in overt messaging in his past movies in favour of political ideologies such as Marxism (Anbe Sivam) or political figures such as Dravidian leader Periyar. In November 2017, he announced that he would start meeting the people of Tamil Nadu in January and will also launch a mobile application Maiam Whistle in January, which could be used by people to flag and discuss important issues. With the actor already stating that he would enter politics after finishing all his acting commitments, one can be sure that Kamal Haasan will also be in the ring in the elections next time around.

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