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PM Modi pitches for idea of “1 nation, 1 uniform” for police at ‘Chintan Shivir of Home ministers’


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New Delhi

Addressing the “Chintan Shivir” (brainstorming session) on internal security organized by the Union Home Ministry, Prime Minister Narendra Modi pitches for the idea of ‘One Nation, One Police Uniform’ for the police to states and union territories, and urged them to give it a thought, not as an “imposition” but one wrapped with a good intention to give the force a common identity.

Speaking on the second day of the ‘Chintan Shivir of home ministers’ at Surajkund in Haryana, the PM said that having a uniformed attire for police officers across India will not only ensure quality products due to the scale at which it’ll be produced, but also give a common identity to law enforcement as citizens will recognize police personnel anywhere in the country.

“On the lines of ‘One nation, one ration card’, ‘one nation, one mobility card’, ‘one nation, one grid’, we can also think of having ‘one nation, one police uniform’. Yes, there can be different numbers and insignia for the states, but is this something which can be discussed among states and police establishments?” Modi said.

Advocating for close cooperation among the states to tackle crimes and criminals, the PM said: “Law and order is not restricted to one state now. Crime is turning interstate and also international. With technology, criminals now have the power to commit crimes from beyond our borders. As such, coordination between agencies of all states and the Centre is crucial,” PM Modi said.

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