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OMG!! Gujarat govt does not knows Kalpsar Project is feasible or not..


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The Kalpasar Project envisages building a 30 km dam across the Gulf of Khambat. About more then 28 years after the first feasibility study of the ambitious Kalpsar project (a dam on the Gulf of Khambhat) was carried out in 1989, the Gujarat government has failed to ascertain whether the fancy idea is feasible or not. As per the issue revealed by a news daily.
While the state is struggles for irrigation and drinking water, the state government avoided giving a time frame to start work on and complete the ambitious Kalpsar project. This came in the written response to starred questions from Congress MLAs Shailesh Parmar and Himmatsinh Patel. The deputy chief minister, Nitin Patel, in reply to the two questions told the state assembly that feasibility studies for project are still under way.
Patel wrote, “In 1989, the first Kalpsar project plan was prepared. A pre-feasibility report was prepared in 1996, six special reports were prepared in 1999 and the final feasibility report preparation has been under way since 2003. For the final feasibility report, 21 studies have been completed, 10 studies are ongoing and 19 more studies are planned. A total of Rs 31 crore has been spent on these in the last two years.”
In reply to when work on the project would begin and be completed, the deputy CM said, “After the government receives the feasibility studies and necessary clearances, it will start the project as soon as possible.” According to the latest projections of the Gujarat government it will take three to five years more to decide if the state’s second most ambitious project after the Sardar Sarovar project is technically feasible or not. If it is considered feasible, it will take 12 to 15 years to build the dam across the Gulf of Khambhat. According to officials associated with the project, The latest estimated cost is now a whopping Rs 90,000 crore (2015-16 prices). The state government has spent more than Rs 150 crore in five years and more than Rs 250 crore so far, on finding out whether the project is feasible.

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