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North Central Railways installs solar panels on builidgs, platforms for power generation


(G.N.S) Dt. 24
The sheds of all the 10 platforms of the Allahabad Junction, of North Central Railways (NCR), would also harness 683 kilowatt of solar energy through the solar panels installed on them.
Not only the platforms of Allahabad Junction but rooftops of various buildings of Allahabad division as well as several stations of NCR would get solar panels installed following which NCR will save an amount of around Rs 30 lakhs of power expenditure every year.
The solar panels installed on the rooftop of GM office, Subedarganj would produce 266 kilowatt (KW) of electricity while those at divisional railway manager (DRM) office will produce 150 KW, Allahabad Junction 166 KW, Loco shed Kanpur will produce 349 KW and panels at Kanpur junction will produce 100 KW of electricity. In totality, 16.42 lakh unit of electricity would be produced by these solar panels. The already installed units have resulted in saving NCR’s electricity charges worth Rs 30 lakhs, said chief public relation officer, NCR, G K Bansal.
For generating 2.7 MW of electricity, solar panels will be installed on roof tops of various buildings under NCR. Under this proposal, solar panels, for producing 683 KW of electricity would be installed at Allahabad junction alone.
The panels, already installed at roof tops of Allahabad Junction are producing 166KW of electricity which would be saving Rs 4.9 lakh per annum. Under the ongoing work, authorities are installing solar panels at all the platforms following which a total of 680 KW of electricity would be produced.
“Presently, the work is in the process on the rooftops of platform number 4, 6, 7 and 8 and will start at the remaining platforms barring platform number one and the entire work will be completed within this month which include installing and energising the setup”, said CPRO. The work for installing solar panels at Allahabad Junction is being carried out and almost half of the area of these platforms have already been covered with high capacity solar panels, which would be capable of working in all weather conditions, he added.

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