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New Year’s Celebrations completed peacefully under Police blanket


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Bengaluru ushered in 2018 with pomp and fervour amidst the watchful eyes of atleast 2000 policemen at the city’s very own Times Square– on Brigade Road. Despite the tight police deployment and last year’s mass molestation allegations, a crowd of atleast one lakh revellers including women and children were present to cheer the arrival of the new year on Sunday midnight. Cops had taken atleast 100 known offenders into preventive custody by Sunday afternoon from central division alone to filter them out from the revellers . Atleast 24 more were taken into custody from Brigade Road and MG Road including more than five pickpockets and a youth suspected to have misbehaved with some women on MG Road during the celebrations.City police have claimed the proceedings to be normal with just ‘minor’ isolated incidents unlike last year.
“We had taken all precautionary measures and everything was normal,” commented T Suneel Kumar, City Police Commissioner at Brigade Road on early Monday morning.
Police officials were constantly making announcements to the crowd to ‘Keep Moving’ as the main focus of the bandobast was to not permit any crowd clusters on Brigade Road and make space available for the swelling crowd approaching the stretch close to midnight. Entry into Brigade road was restricted and every one was allowed in only after frisking at the entrance with door frame metal detectors. At 11:30 pm on Sunday night police, closed Brigade road entry sensing a massive surge in the arrival of revellers and restricted vehicle movement on MG Road to allow the crowd to spread out. However, a section of policemen had to resort to mild use of batons on multiple occasions to control the crowd . There were atleast two separate flash processions taken out from the crowd, one by pro Kannada outfits and another one demanding the release of Kulbhushan Jadhav from Pakistan prison. “The main idea was to ensure there was no obstruction to the moving crowd on Brigade Road,” said Chandragupta, Deputy Commissioner (Central), Bengaluru city police.

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