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Mob Lynching: Innocent beaten up by chield thief rumor


(G.N.S Lucky Jain) Dt. 31
Hundreds of people caught a eunuch and beat him fiercely by spreading rumors of child thief in Savina Krishi Mandi on Saturday morning. When the police arrived at the scene and took away the eunuch safely from there, it was found that they are not any child thieves, but their group came from Udaipur.
Incidents of beating the child with anyone accusing them of being thieves on the day of the district has increased. This is the third incident in the district in this one month. In order to control such incidents of mob litching, the police are now taking a tough stance against such people who spread rumors of child thieves and beat them up with any innocence.
On Saturday also, those who spread the rumor of being a child thief without thinking, assaulted Kinnar, the police will take action against them and those people are being marked.
Police said that Basanti, a resident of Banswara, had come to Udaipur with his group of eunuchs. When he went to Savina Krishi Mandi, some people spread rumors that some child thieves are roaming around in women’s clothes and are trying to steal the child. The rumor of the child thief gang grew so much that someone spread the rumor that the child had been stolen.
During this, people caught Basanti as a child thief and beat him up without thinking or informing the police. Police reached the spot on information. Seeing the worsening of the situation, the police used mild force and drove the crowd and evacuated Basanti from there.
When the police inquired at the police station, it was revealed that the suspected young man was the eunuch and it was found that neither he himself is a child thief nor he has any connection with any child thief gang. In such a situation, the police will now spread rumors and take action against those who beat the innocent.

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