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Late veteran actor KS Ashwath’s son actor Shankar Ashwath works as a cab driver


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Sandalwood actor Shankar Ashwath, son of the late veteran actor KS Ashwath, is working as a cabbie driver in Bengaluru to earn his livelihood. People close to Shankar said the actor went through many ups and downs after the death of his father. Movie/serial offers stopped coming his way and finally he had no other go, but to turn a taxi driver. And he has no regrets.
Shankar and his family were running a canteen earlier, but they incurred huge loss in the business. During the last days of his father Ashwath, the family did not have money to foot even the hospital bills. But despite repeated setbacks, people in the know say said they refused to depend on others.
“Shankar has now finally decided to earn his livelihood for himself and the family by turning a cab driver and has joined a private cab service provider in Bengaluru,” a person close to Shankar said. Shankar told BM, “Yes, I have joined Uber. I am not at all ashamed to say this. In fact, I feel proud to call myself a driver as driving is a noble profession. I don’t want sympathy from anyone. My father’s shraddh (a ritual where a son performs homage to his deceased parents) is coming up and I don’t have money to organise that. I chose to earn and perform my father’s shraadh with my own money.” Shankar said many in the industry backed him. “I have acted in many films and television serials, but I have never begged anyone for money. Many people from the industry have stood by me and family in bad times. Being Ashwath’s son I feel proud of myself that I am earning money through hard work,” he said.

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