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Kin alleges hospital over death of martyr’s widow for insisting Aadhar card


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A 55-year-old woman, who was the widow of Kargil War martyr, died on Friday without medical treatment, allegedly after a private hospital in Sonipat insisted on having the Aadhaar card of the patient.

Tulip Hospital in Sonipat, where the entire controversy took place, has however, denied the allegations and said they were ready to admit the patient but family members took her away on their own. They however accepted that they insisted on the actual Aadhaar card even as the patient was being taken to the emergency ward.

According to government policy, the 12-digit Aadhaar number should be enough to admit the patient. Shakuntala Devi was not only suffering from throat cancer but was also a heart patient. She was the wife of Havaldar Laxman Dass who was posted with the 8th Jat Regiment in Muskoh valley near Kargil and died of bullet injuries during a gun battle with intruders on June 9, 1999.

Devi’s son, Pawan Kumar Balyan, a resident of Mahlana village in Sonipat, told TOI that his mother had not been keeping well for a while. “With her condition worsening, my brother-in-law Ravinder Kumar and I took her to the ex-servicemen contributory health scheme (ECHS) hospital in Sonipat and got the referral slip for Tulip Hospital on Wednesday evening,” Balyan told TOI. Tulip is on the ECHS panel.

The men took Devi to Tulip on Thursday morning. The hospital insisted on the Aadhaar card. “I did not have the card, but had a copy sent to me on WhatsApp from home,” Balyan said. He alleged that the hospital staff did not start treatment without the actual card.

“I got upset and asked them to call someone from the management,” Balyan said. “A middle-aged woman came out and asked me to get the Aadhaar card or just leave the premises. When I persisted they called the local police officials who started intimidating me and accused me of creating a scene.”

He said that when after more than 90 minutes, they did not admit his mother who was crying in pain because of her ailing heart, he took her back to ECHMS, Sonipat to get the referral of another private hospital. “I got busy in the getting another referral letter and, before I knew it, my had mother had passed away,” an upset Balyan said.

Balyan who works at petrol station said that he informed ECHS, Sonipat about their inability to admit his mother in the private hospital.

Dr Abhimanyu Kumar of Tulip Multispeciality Hospital, Sonipat, said that they do insist on the Aadhaar card but denied allegations that they were not ready to admit Devi. He insisted that they treat all patients needed urgent assistance. “In this case too, we were ready to treat the patient. We even have CCTV footage to show that a ward boy had taken them up to the emergency ward, but family members took her away on their own,” he claimed.

Ramesh Kumar, head constable at the local police station, said, “I had gone to the hospital after a ruckus was created. The hospital was ready to admit the patient but said they needed the card even as treatment was started. But Balyan seemed upset and left from there.”

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