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Kerala woman arrested for beating up her 90 yr old grandmother


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The Kannur city police Monday arrested 39-year-old Deepa, a resident of Ayikkara, on charges of assaulting her 90-year-old grandmother. In videos shot on cell phone by Deepa’s neighbours, she can be seen hitting and slapping her maternal grandmother, Kalyani, with her hands, a chappal and even a towel. As Kalyani shrieks in agony, Deepa continues hitting her. She is also seen scowling at her neighbours for protesting her actions.
An official at the Kannur city police station confirmed that a case has been registered against Deepa for assaulting elderly persons. She has also been taken into custody though her offences are bailable. A complaint has also been forwarded to the state human rights commission.
While Deepa managed to get away with the crime up until now, a video taken by a neighbour ensured Deepa was made to pay for her options.
The shocking incident took place in Kerala’s Kannur district, in a neighbourhood in Ayikkara.
A video of the assault, which has gone viral on social media, Deepa can be seen repeatedly beating up her grandmother, who is sitting on the floor at the entrance of the house. At one point in time, Deepa roughly pulls out the bedsheet on which Kalyani Amma is sitting and roughs up the old woman. She then slaps her grandmother a few times.
But as helpless neighbours try to talk her out of assaulting her grandmother, Deepa can be seen arguing with them viciously.
However, the police intervened on Monday and arrested Deepa and booked her under Section 323 (causing voluntary harm) of the Indian Penal Code.
“Deepa lived with her mother, grandmother and her two children in that house. She says she was frustrated because she lost her job a few months ago and was facing financial problems. With the grandmother suffering from various illness, Deepa claims she got irritated and beat up the old woman,” the police said.
The police intervened on Monday morning, after the assault visuals were circulated on social media. The police, who rescued Kalyani Amma and her daughter (Deepa’s mother), sent them to a state-run home.

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