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‘Kerala society has become materialistic’


(G.N.S) Dt. 30
Social activist Swami Agnivesh on Friday said that Kerala had become the worst commercialised society in the country. He was delivering a lecture on “The politics of vegetarianism” at Gandhi Bhavan as a prelude to the national meet of nature life naturopaths to be held next year. God’s Own Country had succumbed to materialism and shunned spirituality and insight, Mr. Agnivesh lamented.
He cited the omnipresent cloth and jewellery advertisement boards across the State to drive home his point. Mr. Agnivesh bemoaned the sorry state of the land of Advaita and one that had given birth to many eminent personalities. He said there was logic behind the argument that vegetarian food was most suited to the human body, which was the most precious thing on earth. Terming those who ate meat as “non-vegetarians” was simplistic, he said. They should rather be regarded as ones who fed on dead bodies. Consumption of meat was an act of violence committed by human beings to themselves and against nature. The ideal of leading a life of simple habits and lofty thoughts was defeated by the culture of partying and indiscriminate consumption of food and drink.

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