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Kartarpur is a part of Pakistan due to Congress: PM Modi


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Since a long time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has been struggling with opposition to the Kartarpur gurdwara of Pakistan, has finally responded. Addressing an election rally in Rajasthan, the PM burst on the head of the Supreme Congress and said that if the Congress leaders had ‘seen sense, sensitivity and seriousness’ at the time of partition, Kartarpur would ever go away from India and go to Pakistan. No.
On the issue of the Kartarpur Corridor, which has been burnt by the visit of Navjot Singh Sidhu from the BJP to the Congress from the BJP, there has been a lot of tussle between the two parties. While on one hand BJP has questioned Siddhu for adopting a soft attitude, Sidhu has also attacked the PM directly. PM has now broken the silence on this. The PM said, “At the time of partition, if the Congress leaders had some understanding, sensitivity and seriousness about the place of Gurunanak Dev in the life of India, then our Kartarpur is not separated from us at a distance of 3 kilometers.
Attacking the Congress, the PM said that the power of power can be understood but the mistakes committed by the Congress in the pursuit of power and statehood have suffered till now. He said, “The task of fixing every major mistake of the Congress has come in my destiny and my destiny is in the hands of my hundreds of millions of people, not by the ranks of my hands. Describing Rajasthan as the land of the heroes of the country, he greeted the Navy.
When our country is celebrating Naval Day, the leadership of the Indian Army, Admiral Vijay Singh Shekhawat, son of this land and Admiral Manvendra Singh ji served the country as the Naval Chief. They had no connection to the sea from the sea, despite this, this land was led by the Navy of the country.
Referring to the INS Tarantini on the world tour, he said, “Our 6 daughters of Navy showed amazing in the world. We came out with a small boat made under the make in India and after traveling around the world by sea, our 6 daughters came back after hitting the flag of India in the world.

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