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Jal Board hikes water tariff by 20 per cent


(G.N.S) Dt. 26
In a surprise move, Delhi Jal Board (DJB) on Tuesday hiked the tariff on water and sewer usage for consumers exceeding their monthly quota of 20,000 litres. A Jal Board official told PTI that the body approved a 20 per cent combine hike on the current tariffs. The Aap Aadmi Party government, which promised free water supply to families, had set a cap of 20,000 litres per month for every household, beyond which they would be charged according to their consumption. In 2015, a month after it formed the government in Delhi, AAP hiked the water tariff by 10 per cent. The DJB, in its official statement, had said that the decision was taken in order to reduce the financial burden on the water body. “The hike has been approved in order to keep the financial health of the DJB intact,” DJB had said.

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