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‘Jaitlie’ tweet: Venkaiah Naidu sends privilege notice against RaGa to Lok Sabha


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New Delhi
A BJP MP had the raised the issue of Rahul Gandhi spelling Arun Jaitley’s name as ‘Jaitlie’ in a tweet. The bitterness of the recently concluded Winter Session of Parliament is likely to spill over into the Budget Session at the end of the month with Rajya Sabha chairperson M. Venkaiah Naidu forwarding a privilege notice against Congress president Rahul Gandhi to Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan for consideration.
Mr. Naidu opined that there is a prima facie case of breach of privilege. Mr. Gandhi is a member of the Lok Sabha and hence the notice was forwarded to the Speaker of that House.
Senior BJP MP Bhupendra Yadav had raised an issue of breach of privilege last month against Mr. Gandhi. In his notice, Mr Yadav had said that Mr. Gandhi twisted the spelling of Mr. Jaitley’s surname to ‘Jaitlie’ and it was highly derogatory.
Mr Naidu sent the notice to the Lok Sabha speaker for further action as Mr Gandhi is a member of the Lower House. A complaint against Mr Gandhi is already pending before the Ethics Committee of the Lok Sabha, chaired by BJP veteran L K Advani, after the speaker forwarded the same to it.
BJP leader and Rajya Sabha member Bhupinder Yadav had given the privilege notice against Congress President Rahul Gandhi over a tweet put out by him in which he questioned the authority of the Rajya Sabha and questioned its decision.
“On examination, prima facie there is an issue of privilege,” Mr Naidu said while referring the privilege notice to the Lok Sabha speaker, said sources.
Mr Yadav had alleged that there is a “breach of privilege” by Mr Gandhi as he used derogatory words against Finance Minister and Leader of the House Arun Jaitley, by twisting his name.
“Dear Mr Jaitlie – thank you for reminding India that our PM never means what he says or says what he means. #BJPLies,” Mr Gandhi said, while putting out a video of the prime minister’s speech against his predecessor and Mr Jaitley’s remarks made in Rajya Sabha.
The BJP member said the Congress President had “deliberately twisted” the spelling of Mr Jaitley’s surname to ‘Jaitlie’, which was “highly derogatory”.
This was after Mr. Jaitley had issued a clarification on the floor of the House over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech during the Gujarat elections and alleged derogatory references to former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Mr. Gandhi had tweeted: “Dear Mr Jaitlie (sic)- thank you for reminding India that our PM never means what he says or says what he means.”
Sources in the Rajya Sabha chiarperson’s office said that the “the breach of privilege stands on the grounds that it imputed motives to the intent, character and conduct of the Leader of the House Arun Jaitley by the way the spelling of Mr. Jaitley has been twisted (it was spelt as Jaitlie in Mr. Gandhi’s tweets).”
“The tweet made comment which was very derogatory and highly unbecoming on the part of Rahul Gandhi and it deliberately misinterpreted the proceedings of the Rajya Sabha in order to malign the Government. Finally, it affronted the dignity of the House besides attempting at obstructing the House in performance of its functions by vitiating the political atmosphere, as the statement read by Mr Jaitley was part of solution worked out by the government and opposition to resolve difficulties in running the House and had been agreed upon by all,” said the source.
Mr. Naidu had last week, on receipt of the notice of breach of privilege said that it was being examined. “I will have to examine it and take a view. One thing I should advise everybody is that a solemn agreement had been reached between the Leader of the House [Jaitley] as well as the Leader of the Opposition [Ghulam Nabi Azad]. All other people have also endorsed it. Anybody outside commenting on that agreement… That is not fair and good for the House and also our system. But I will be going through the privilege motion and take an appropriate decision,” Mr. Naidu had said.

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