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It shocks, Indian Gov. spends 3.18 Crore daily behind fame and publicity?


(G.N.S.) Gandhinagar, dt.3
– 1732 crore spent after print media and Rs 1750 crore spent after electronic media

After the BJP government came in rule, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spent a huge amount of Rs 34,831,375,951, ie 3,483 crores, in last three years, for campaigning central government’s various plans associated with the name of Prime Minister. Considering 3 year i.e 1095 days, the government has spent about Rs. 3180947 i.e Rs. 3.18 crore per day behind fame and publicity. Which includes print media ,TV media and digital media. This information is received from DAVP by an RTI activist of Ahmedabad Jayesh R. Shah .
Jayesh R. Shah staying in Paldi area of Ahmedabad made an RTI on 16th June of Center’s Information and Broadcasting Department to provide the details of expenditure on printing media and TV media for the propagation of 150 different schemes and other schemes associated with the name of Prime Minister. He forwarded the details that he received on social media and other media. According to the information given to Jayeshbhai Shah, after the formation of the Modi government in 2014, the government spent 17,321,573,092 i.e Rs 1732 crore after print media in 3 years till midway of 2017. Where after TV media-audio video they spent about Rs. 17,509,802,859 I.e Rs. 1750 crores. In both the media a sum total of 34,831,375,951 i.e Rs. 3483 crores have been expeditiously spent. For which Mr. shah has received details of about 500 pages.
Political sources said during the three years Modi government spent Rs 3.18 crore per day for personal fame. Government is talking to borrow 50000 crore from market to cover the loss due to GST, and on the other hand advices other states to reduce unnecessary expenses. While PM spends a whopping amount after fame and publicity. The amount of Rs.3483 crore would be very low in the figure for the government but how many works of poor people can be done through it. The government opens jandhan account of poor people to keep their income in it while they make reckless expenses for fame and publicity. The people who are considered the watchman of government’s treasury make such expenses. Still 2019 is far away… what would this cost reach to ??

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