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IBM develops world’s smallest computer that costs just Rs. 7


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According to reports, IBM has developed the world’s smallest computer which is 1 mm x 1 mm in size.

Smaller than a grain of salt, the computer apparently costs less than Rs. 7 (10 cents) to manufacture.

IBM’s computer has replaced the Michigan Micro Mote as world’s smallest computer, which measured 2 mm across. It was launched in 2015.

The world’s smallest computer reportedly features a processor with “several hundred thousand” transistors, SRAM memory, a photovoltaic cell for power, and a communications unit, which will use an LED and a photo-detector to communicate with the world.

The image shows an actual photo of a solo IBM computer on a pile of salt for scale.

IBM’s primary application for this prototype computer will be centered around supply chain management and counterfeit protection through cryptographic anchors and blockchain technology.

This aims at ensuring a product’s authenticity till it reaches the customer.

IBM claims that in the next five years, such computers, that have a computing power of the x86 chip from 1990, “will be embedded in everyday objects and devices.”

This comes on the sidelines of the ongoing IBM Think 2018 conference, the company’s annual flagship conference.

With the theme of “5 in 5” this year, the company is showcasing five IBM Research inventions and technologies “that could change our lives in the next five years.”

The conference will talk about topics like blockchain technology, cryptography, artificial intelligence (AI), and quantum computing.


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