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Hyderabad’s 2.4 lakh glaucoma patients at risk of vision loss


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An estimated 2.4 lakh glaucoma patients in Hyderabad and 10 lakh across Telangana stand a high risk of vision loss, underlining the importance of early detection, the Hyderabad Opthalmology Association (HOA) said.
The figures have been obtained after analysing data from state facilities and various studies indicating that 3.5 per cent of the population in Telangana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala are glaucoma patients.
“The worrying part is that only 10 per cent of these probable cases are detected. While 90 per cent stand a chance of becoming blind if they do not get treatment in time,” said Dr Manoj Mathur, president of HOA.
In their advice, doctors said if one regularly bumps into things, is unable to pour water or has difficulty climbing steps then the person might have ‘progressed’ glaucoma.
Glaucoma presents no symptoms until the disease has progressed upto 50 per cent, which means that by the time a person has any of the above symptoms, he/she might have already lost part of their vision, Mathur said.
“These are not symptoms in early glaucoma. They happen only when it has reached an advanced stage. Such patients should rush to a doctor,” explains Dr Vanita Pathak-Ray, senior glaucoma specialist, Centre for Sight Banjara Hills. She added that aneye test is a mandate of everyone above 35-years to nail undetected glaucoma.

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