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‘Handsome’ RaGa called and surprised woman on her 107th birthday


(G.N.S.) Dt. 26
New Delhi
A woman who turned 107 years old yesterday, December 25, had just one birthday (and Christmas) wish — to meet Congress chief Rahul Gandhi, because “he’s handsome”. She got her wish — almost. Rahul called and personally wished her, much to her shock and delight.
This, after he earlier also replied to a tweet from the woman’s granddaughter who tagged the newly anointed Congress president on a tweet that talked about her grandmother’s wish. Earlier in the day, Bengaluru resident Dipali Sikand tweeted tagging the Gandhi scion, letting him know that her grandmother was turning 107 yesterday.
Rahul replied, wishing Dipali’s “beautiful grandmother” and offering her a virtual hug. Little did the grandmother-granddaughter duo realise they would soon also be receiving a call from Rahul himself. Dipali’s grandmother even had the pleasure of talking to him. The new Congress chief’s gesture was much appreciated on Twitter. “Lucky nani (grandmother)” said one. But for one cynic there were a dozen who appreciated the Congress chief’s thoughtfulness.

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