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Glorious “Bharuch Ratna Award” honoured in presence of Hollywood actress Marie-Louis Gouws at Bharuch


(G.N.S) Dt. 29
Well known organization, Sahara Memorial Charitable Trust, a grand and Hollywood evening hosted by country’s famous multi-language news agency Gujarati News Service (GNS) on evening of Republic Day on 26th January. The honoured citizens of Bharuch district were honoured in a ceremony organized in presence of famous Hollywood actress and model Marie-Louis Gouws. The “Bharuch Ratna Award” was given to different type of people of all fields. to him for his special contribution in various fields. Among those to be honoured are Khushi Chudasama for shooting, senior journalist Mahendra Gandhi.
Wasim Malek, senior journalist of Bharuch, successfully organized the entire program at Omkarnath Bhavan. Hollywood actress and model Marie-Louis Gouws was also present as a special guest from South Africa. She awarded Mr. World Ashfak Bandwala.
A large number of youth, social leaders, senior citizens, journalists and MLAs attended the grand event organized in Bharuch and encouraged the organizers. A media team from GNS, a participant in the event, was also present on occasion from Ahmedabad.

1. Munaf Patel (Cricketer- Indian Cricket Team)
2. Asfak Bandwala (Been Mr. World while living in South Africa, Acor & Model in Hollywood)
3. Khushi Chudasma (At very young age qualified in National Shooting)

1. Rashmi Kansara (Great work in 20 years for 20 years)
2. Atul Mulani (‘Bhukya ne Bhojan’ organization to feed more than 300 poor people daily)
3. Diksha Vaniya (To donate clothes, Shawls, food to needy people)
4. Late Mohommad Fansiwala (Noble work in the health field)
5. Faisal Patel (Helping poor people by an organization named as HMP foundation)
6. Rakesh Bhatt (Helping people by Seva Yagya Samiti)

Martyr Yusuf Khilji (Martyr in 2004 in Kargil War)

1. Ashok Panjwani (Good work in environment and free meals for up to 5 employees per day)
2. D. Anandpura (Great work for Ankleshwar Industrial area)
3. M S Jolly (Good work in Industry and Films)

1. Ahmed Patel (For illuminating name of Bharuch throught India in politics)
2. Mansukh Vasava (Been Lok Sabha MP for 3 times in row)
3. Chotubhai Vasava (Leader of tribal society and been constant MLA)

1. Dr. Sunil Bhatt (1st Indian to do PhD on Narendra Modi)
2. Dr. Khushbu Pandya (1st Indian to do PhD on social Media)
3. Dr. Ashwin Kapadia (Bharuch’s first person who remained Vice-Chancellor of the University)

Dr. Suketu Dave (Serving and Helping people since last 20 years)

1. Dr. Tarun Banker (Living in Bharuch, worked in many films and did PhD on same subject)
2. Imran Badshah (Sidi performed Africa Dhammal dance in different countries of world)

Mahendrabhai Gandhi (Great work in Journalism and following Gandhian ideology since young age)

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