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Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik hint at a reunion with a cosy picture


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Hollywood’s Supermodel Gigi Hadid and singer-popstar Zayn Malik were touted as an ideal couple and their pictures always melted everyone’s hearts. However, the much-in-love couple called it quits after dating for two years a few months back, leaving their fans heartbroken. There were several rumours post their break-up that Zigi are back together, but there was no confirmation per say.
A latest picture which is doing the rounds on the internet has now hinted at a possible reunion of the ex-couple. Hadid shared a selfie on her Instagram Story June 5 in which she’s getting cosy with a bleach blond, tattooed gentleman. Even though Zayn’s face is hidden, but looking carefully at his tattoos, it was discovered that the concealed man in the picture with Gigi is Zayn indeed.

The two were also spotted hanging out with each other in New York few weeks after their break-up. They were captured in some PDA moments which gave rise to rumours of them rekindling their relationship. Both Zayn and Gigi have remained silent to these speculations and haven’t confirmed their current relationship status as yet.

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