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Elephant calf dies in 24 hrs after separated from mother


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Barely 24 hours after it was separated from its mother, an 8-month-old elephant calf died here on Tuesday evening. The calf, injured when it left the forest and entered Kurubarahandi village with its mother and another adult elephant, was running a high fever.
The calf was separated from its mother on Monday after villagers raised a ruckus to drive the elephants back to the forest. The calf, unable to catch up with its mother, got separated and a mob gathered around it. Instead of chasing it away, they surrounded the calf and clicked photos. By the time forest officials arrived, the calf’s mother had moved far away. The mother came back once to check for the calf but forest officials had taken it for treatment by then. Calf sustained injuries
Forest department officials said the calf seemed to have sustained injuries around its chest while climbing down from the forest. Veterinarian Dr D N Nagaraj was called in as the calf was suffering from fever. Officials said it was given four bottles of glucose on Monday and injections, glucose and milk on Tuesday. It seemed to be recovering in the morning but was dead hours later.

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