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Cong writes letter to RSS chief on large number of cow deaths


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Leader of Opposition in Madhya Pradesh assembly Ajay Singh on Wednesday shot a letter to RSS chief Dr Mohan Bhagwat regarding the recent death of a large number of cows in the government cattle reserve in Salariya village in Shajapur district. Foundation laying ceremony of the cow reserve was held in December 2012 which was attended by Dr Mohan Bhagwat. Intended to provide shelter to aged and deserted cows, this facility was started only in September last year.
Over the past four months, huge number of cows has allegedly died unnatural deaths. Congress claims that not less than 300 cows have died in the past one month and the “mystery of the cow deaths” is in the fodder, supply contract of which is with a local BJP man.
“Deaths of a massive number of cows soon after the inception of cow reserve is a serious issue,” Ajay Singh wrote to the RSS chief. “You must be informed that in the past one month more than 300 cow deaths have been reported. Prior to this incident, another “goshala” in Lalatipara of Gwalior also had 1500 cow deaths. It is sad that such incidents are happening in a state where the government swears by cows. You and the BJP think cows are part of the country’s culture and tradition but unfortunately in the same party’s regime cows are dying brutal deaths,” the letter claimed.
He reminded Dr Bhagwat that during the foundation laying ceremony of the cow reserve, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan had promised to make the place a pilgrimage spot of cows. “But the cow-reserve turned-out to be a death-bed for the bovine species,” Ajay Singh’s letter said. Ajay Singh wrote that when he and state Congress president Arun Yadav visited the cow reserve they were shocked to see many cows in near death conditions.
“There is a deputy director of the state animal husbandry department, three veterinary doctors and 14 other staff members for the cow reserve, none of who live at the site. Those who have been kept as workers are also exploited. They too got their salaries only after news reached that Congress leaders are arriving,” he wrote.
“Carcasses of cows are strewn around while dogs and other animals of prey feed on them. The exact figure of cows also varies with 7000 of them claimed first and then the figure went down to 4000. We saw not more than 2,500 cattle. State government wants to hush-up the matter while contamination in the fodder is suspected to be the cause of cattle deaths,” the letter said.
The Congress leader argued that the entire nation has witnessed how cow vigilantes in the name of bovine protection and based on mere suspicion have killed people. “And in this state, the crime is occurring in the rule of those who call themselves cow-bhakts (devotees). Today when cows are getting killed under government protection, why is your government and vigilantes silent?” Ajay Singh asked.
Like the banana Republic of central America we will be soon known as the Cow RepublicHuzefa Faizi
He wrote that if Dr Mohan Bhagwat really believed that cows are part of India’s culture and tradition like he said during the foundation laying ceremony of the cow reserve in Salariya, then he should visit the place himself. He told the RSS chief to ask the government to conduct a high-level probe and register cases against those responsible for cow deaths.
RSS chief Dr Bhagwat is presently on a three-day visit to Ujjain. The letter is being sent to him there, office of the LOP said.

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