Home Entertainment ‘COMEDY KILADIGALU’ returns with its second season

‘COMEDY KILADIGALU’ returns with its second season


(G.N.S) Dt. 29
The popular Kannada comedy reality TV show Comedy Kiladigalu has finally announced its second season with the tagline “Smile please, no tension”. The show started in 2016 and instantly struck a chord with viewers and became one of the most successful reality TV shows in Kannada. In its first season, the show provided a platform for actors and comedians from across the state who were consistently impressive in their skits and performances. Now ready for its second season, the show has reached every corner of the state to find talented actors for the show. According to a source, “For the first season, the show sought talent from just a few districts for the auditions. This time we visited all 30 districts in Karnataka for the audition. This shows the love toward the show and the popularity we got from our first season.” Jaggesh, Yogaraj Bhat and Rakshita will continue as the judges for the show. The top 15 contestant have been selected to be a part of the second season which is scheduled to start from December 30.

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