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CBI Judge Loya’s son says father died of natural causes


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The son of special CBI judge B H Loya on Sunday said the family was convinced that his father had died of natural causes. “My father died of natural causes, our family is convinced it was a natural death… I have made myself clear that we do not have a suspicion… It was a natural death,” Anuj Loya said in Mumbai. Asked about the petitions filed before the Bombay High Court and Supreme Court seeking a probe into his father’s death, Anuj said, “I do not have anything to say about it. I am no one to talk about it. I am speaking on behalf of the entire family, including my aunt and my grandfather.

We are clear about it.” On the future course of action the family intended to take, he said they were “trying to get things normal”. Earlier, at a press conference here, Anuj said although he and his family earlier had suspicions about his father’s death, they no longer harboured such doubts. Anuj, 21, while stating that his family was “pained” by the things happening over his father’s death, told reporters that NGOs and politicians should stop “harassing” his family over the issue. “I had an emotional turmoil, hence I had suspicions about his death. But now we do not have any doubts about the way he died,” the son of the late judge told reporters. “Earlier, my grandfather and aunt had some doubts about his death, which they shared. But now neither of them has any doubts,” he said. The deceased judge’s father and Anuj’s aunt had alleged foul play behind his death. Justice Loya, who was hearing the sensitive Sohrabuddin Sheikh “fake encounter” case, had allegedly died of a cardiac arrest in Nagpur on December 1, 2014, when he had gone to attend the wedding of a colleague’s daughter. BJP chief Amit Shah was an accused in the case and was subsequently discharged. With tears in his eyes, Anuj told reporters, “We faced some pressure from politicians and NGOs. We do not want to name anyone, but please excuse my family from continuously asking about my father’s death.” “By going through some media reports and everything, (my) family is facing a lot of troubles… because of the all the things happening. We do not have any allegations against anyone. We are really pained… We are trying to get out of these things. “I request you people, please do not try to harass or trouble us. I want to convey to you all,” he said.

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