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BSP chief Mayawati received big blow in Rajasthan, said- Congress is a fraudulent party

BSP Supreemo Mayawati addressing press conference at her official residence in Lucknow on Saturday. Express Photo by Vishal Srivastav. 24.03.2018.

(G.N.S) Dt. 17
Long-time attacker on Congress, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati has received a big blow in Rajasthan. Congress has given this blow to Mayawati. All the six MLAs of the Bahujan Samaj Party in Rajasthan joined Mayawati after she joined the Congress and called the Congress a fraudulent party.
BSP chief Mayawati is very angry when the number of MLAs in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly reaches zero to six. BSP supremo Mayawati said that by including the BSP MLAs, the Congress has once again given proof of being a fraudulent party with a non-trust.
Mayawati has attacked the Congress after the BSP MLAs merged with the Congress in Rajasthan. Mayawati has attacked Congress in this regard by tweeting three.
Mayawati has tweeted that the Congress party government in Rajasthan has once again broken the BSP MLAs and proved to be a non-trustworthy and fraudulent party. This is a betrayal of the BSP movement, which has been repeated when BSP was giving unconditional support to the Congress government from outside.
In the next tweet, he has written that instead of fighting with his bitter anti-party/organizations, he always acts to hurt those parties who support/support him. The Congress is thus an anti-SC, ST, OBC party and has never been sincere and honest about the right to reservation of these classes.
In the third tweet, Mayawati wrote that the Congress was always opposed to Babasaheb Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar and his humanitarian ideology. For this reason, Dr. Ambedkar had to resign as the first law minister of the country. The Congress neither allowed him to go to the Lok Sabha nor conferred with Bharataratna. This is very sad and embarrassing.
BSP MLA Wajib Ali said that BSP had six MLAs in Rajasthan. Everyone has joined Congress, we have submitted the letter of merger of BSP Legislature Party with Congress to the Speaker. We have joined the Congress to fight against communal forces.
Significantly, the BSP Legislature Party joined the Congress on Monday. In this regard, the BSP MLAs have also submitted the merger letter to the Speaker, CP Joshi. In the Rajasthan assembly elections 2018, the Congress got a total of 99 seats. BJP had got 73 seats. The Congress emerged as the single largest party, but lost one seat by an absolute majority. The Congress then formed the government with the help of BSP and Independent MLAs. Now after the six BSP MLAs joined the Congress, the Gehlot government has now become an absolute majority government on its own.

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