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Back-to-back exams leads CBSE Class XII students to deep fret


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The schedule for the CBSE Class XII board exams has deepened the furrows on the forehead of students, with many complaining about very little revision time between some of the subjects. Many even want the dates changed so they get some time between exams.
“As such the dates were announced late and then it was not properly planned. I am getting nervous after seeing the schedule and am worried it may affect my performance,” said Raghav Mohanty, a Class-XII student of humanities stream. As per the dates, humanities students seem to be the worst affected. History is scheduled on March 20 followed by mathematics a day later. Then there are four papers in five days – psychology on April 5, political science on April 6, legal studies on April 7 and physical education on April 9.
“It will be very stressful for the students as there is no gap between subjects. And they will not get enough time to revise for the next day’s paper. There should be at least four to five days gap,” said Anima Das, a teacher in Kendriya Vidyalaya-1.
She said political science has 18 chapters and the papers are subjective and lengthy. “Students will get less than half day’s time for revising the chapters, which will be quite tough for them. The students also need time to relax and get into the zone for another subject,” she added. “For mathematics one needs a minimum of five days to revise and practice. Those who have made the schedule did not think about the pressure it will impose on the students,” said Manasi Rath, a mathematics teacher. Students of science stream also expressed concern over a day’s gap between English and physics, which are scheduled on March 5 and 7, respectively. “English is lengthy while physics is a very important subject. The board must consider our problem and give adequate time between subjects,” said Abhisek, a Class XII student.
Students also pointed out that mathematics and computer science are scheduled on March 21 and March 23, respectively, and could cause problem. Besides, the JEE is slated on April 8, giving students plenty of headache. Class X students, though, do not have much to complain about the schedule barring that there’s only one-day gap between Odia and social science (March 20 and 22).

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