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All schools should mind thei Kannada language


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Riding on the Kannada and Kannadiga pride plank, the state government is all set to go ahead and implement the order to make Kannada compulsory in all schools regardless of their affiliation to any board.Though the state government came out with the order last year, the schools, particularly those affiliated to CBSE and other central boards, had approached the High Court, seeking relief. With the court having rejected their plea, the government is poised to introduce Kannada at all schools, including Kendriya Vidyalayas from this academic year 2018-19.
Primary and Secondary Education Minister Tanveer Sait said the order will be implemented from Class 1 this year and by 2026, it will be done in up to Class 6. “The schools claimed that the state does not have control over them and had gone to the court. But, we amended the act to extend our control over such schools and thereby the court has also directed them to teach Kannada as a subject along with regular curriculum,” the minister explained. Even private schools, owned by linguistic minorities and Kendriya Vidyalayas affiliated either to CBSE or ICSE, will have to teach Kannada as a language along with their regular curriculum.
The department is already drafting the text book for Class 1. “The textbook will be called Introduction to Kannada. The children will study it as a subject and there won’t be any exam for the first three years. After the third year, there will be exams in the subject,” Sait said. The government has extended special consideration towards children of parents, who migrate from other states to Karnataka, and join a central or a KV school.
“If a child of a non-Kannadiga parent has migrated here from another state, and joins any class after this rule is implemented, the child will have to start with the basic text book of first standard. They can take three years to reach their current standard level. Only after studying Kannada for three years, will the child be given a test or exam in Kannada,” the education minister said. If any school fails to comply with the order of the education department, the state government may withdraw the noobjection certificate issued to it, which will affect their affiliation to central boards.

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