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All private hospitals to be coverted as Covid-19 hosps,… Voluntary consent of 150 hosps..!


Preparing to acquire private hospitals under the government’s Epidemic Disaster Covid Regulation Act-2005 if required.
Thousands of cases are likely to come out in Ahmedabad in the near future
A far-reaching welcome step by Gujarat government. List of hospitals obtained from medical association: Dr. Monaben Desai
Doctors and medical staff got coronavirus due to lack of PPE kits: Dr. Monaben Desai

(G.N.S Special Report) Dt. 29

Gujarat state government has started preparations to convert all the private hospitals in Ahmedabad into covid hospitals in view of the possibility of a rapid increase in the number of cases of the global epidemic corona virus in Gujarat and especially in Ahmedabad in the near future. The government has obtained a list of affiliated hospitals from the Ahmedabad Medical Association (AMA). Of these, 150 hospital administrators have voluntarily handed over their hospitals to the government and the rest have taken action to edit the hospitals under the epidemic law. All these private hospitals will be converted into covid hospitals.
President of Ahmedabad Medical Assoc. In an exclusive interview with GNS, Monaben Desai further said that the government has asked us to do this. A list of private hospitals has been sought and given. The government will acquire all these private hospitals and use them for special covid patients.
Doctors treating corona patients are also becoming infected, she said, adding that when corona disease spread in Ahmedabad, doctors on duty were given very little PPE kit. Not all doctors were given a PPE kit. Some doctors also fell victim to the disease as the main doctors were given PPE kits. However now that the government has a large number of PPE kits available it is given to all doctors.
Meanwhile, sources said that the government and the authorities of Ahmedabad muni are aware that corona cases are on the rise in Ahmedabad and the capacity of government hospitals to accommodate patients has been exhausted. The SVP hospital is full. All private hospitals are now in the process of being edited as the number of patients is on the rise.

Meanwhile, the Andhra Pradesh government has also issued orders to acquire all private and non-government hospitals under the AP Epidemic Disaster Covid Regulation Act-2005. So that the resources, beds, labs, pharmacy, manpower, etc. of all these hospitals can be used in emergencies for corona patients. The Gujarat government is going to do the same. And will acquire all private and non-government hospitals and use them for the treatment of Corona patients. It can be said that in Ahmedabad, which is on its way to Wuhan, China, between 50,000 and 8 lakh cases are likely to come out, the authorities themselves have said, but it remains to be seen what will happen to the hospitals, the sources said.

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