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All Celebrities go All praise for Abhilash Ghoda’s Film Excellence Awards Gujarati


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The Film Excellence Awards Gujarati was a grand success in the heart of the White Desert. With a flock of celebrities taking home multiple awards, it was a night, worth remembering! Many celebs shared the lovely experience they had post-event. “Gujarat Tourism Film Excellence award was a power booster for the Gujarati film industry after this pandemic. It was very well organized by team TIHAI and Abhilash Ghoda. I am so happy and proud that our film Montu Ni Bittu won a total number of 8 awards in different categories like Direction, Screenplay, Publicity, Costume, Music, and Acting” added famous filmmaker and screen-writer Vijaygari Bava post-event. To this Mehul Soni added “An award ceremony amidst a white desert is such a splendid affair. I mean all hearts to the location. Such perfect management and such great hospitality. Thank you so much Abhilash Bhai for organizing this. Speaking about Tihai’s hospitality, even Raam Mori said ” The specialty of this event, according to me was its grand hospitality. Every artist was treated equally, their art was acknowledged with equal respect and dignity. The feeling of oneness, the way it satisfied everyone is so much praiseworthy.”

Famous singer Kirtidan Gadhavi, who was also present for the event said “It was one of the best award ceremonies I have been a part of. Error-free, unique in its style, and celebrating the Gujarati artists so well. Honestly, it was an absolute privilege to be a part of that event. After the lockdown, this was something really needed.” Other than the awards night, the Rajvadi Raat event before the awards night was also loved by the celebrities as it was a very intimate affair where they sat by the fire to play Antakshari. Ram Moori further said “This experience of Rajvadi Raat was just excellent. Getting to spend such cozy time with so many senior stars was a lifetime achievement. Then witnessing the sun rising amidst the black mountains, standing at the white desert is a feeling that just can’t be put to words. Such a grand event without a single error is a miraculous affair. Abhilash Ghoda just did magic “. Hemang Dave also added ” To be present at this event as such. pleasure! We had so much fun, it is inexpressible. Such a magnificent event at such a huge scale was like a dream. Moreover, I got the Best Actor Award in Comedy section, that too in such a huge platform, I just can’t thank Abhilash Ghoda enough for this.”

“Film Excellence Award Gujarati is an honorable intellectual property for all the Gujarati artists and its audience. Such a handsome festival that acknowledges art in its best forms, celebrates the Gujarati culture with music and dance forms are very rare. So, as an artist I would want more such events to happen and encourage our art community.” added the famous playback singer Parthiv Gohil.

The very famous Ojas Raval also said “It was the first time, such a grand film event was organized at Gujarat. The way this event bridged the gap between the rural and urban Gujarati cine world is sterling. I got to host the awards night and it was an honor. You know, I might have joked on stage that this is our community’s biggest get-together but that is such an apt statement. Cause the show witnessed stars from the three pillars: Theatre, Television and Film and stars not only from Gujarat but even from Bollywood. It was definitely a boost to all of us. Thank you Colors Gujarati for covering this magnificent event. This event would surely stay for a lifetime as it was a lifetime experience for all of us. “

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