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64 year old Doctor areested for kissing and hugging patient


(G.N.S) Dt. 25
A 64-year-old private doctor in Byadarahalli, Ramanagara Rural, was arrested for allegedly hugging and kissing a 27-year-old homemaker who had come to him complaining of acute headache on Tuesday night.
Police said Dr Shivaraj of Byadarahalli was booked under IPC 354 A (sexual harassment). After serving as a government doctor for over 30 years, Shivaraj had opened a clinic in Anjananagar, police said.
As news of the arrest spread, around 200 residents of Byadarahalli, Tavarekere and surrounding villages rushed to Byadarahalli police station on Wednesday, describing him as a gentleman, known for his healing touch. Police produced the doctor before a local court in Ramanagara and he was released on bail.
The woman, a resident of Byadarahalli and mother of a 2-year-old child, had gone to the clinic alone. “I was down with fever for the past couple of days. From Tuesday, I had a headache and my husband advised me to consult the doctor,” she said.
The woman waited for her husband, a private company employee, to return home so that he could take care of the child. She walked into the clinic — 1km from her home — around 7.45pm.
“I had to wait till 8pm. When my turn came, I entered the cabin and the doctor closed the door. I didn’t feel anything amiss as most doctors do it. When I explained my problem, he touched my forehead and gently massaged it,” she told police.
Grabbing a chair, the doctor sat next to the woman and held her hand. “I thought he was checking my pulse. But slowly his arms covered me and before I realized, he was hugging and kissing me. I ran out of the clinic and rushed home. I told my husband about it and he rushed to the clinic and took the doctor to task. Alerted by the commotion, police arrived. I filed a complaint later,” the woman recounted.
‘I was only comforting her’
“In his confession statement, Dr Shivaraj said he was trying to comfort the patient. But we explained that what he has been accused of is anything but comforting. He didn’t argue,” police said.

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