Turn Tamil Nadu into a model that other States can be envious of.: Rajinikanth


    (G.N.S) Dt. 29
    Rajinikanth asks his fans to remain united and disciplined, shun infighting and misunderstandings
    Actor Rajinikanth, who recently announced his decision to enter politics, has appealed to his fans to work for the benefit of the people and turn Tamil Nadu into a model that other States can be envious of.
    He also urged them to avoid fights and misunderstandings amongst themselves. “All of us have the intention to bring about a major political change in Tamil Nadu. It is a very difficult task. But if we remain united and disciplined, we can achieve anything,” the actor said in a video message to his supporters in Tirunelveli district. The video clip was telecast on Tamil news channels.
    Claiming that public service was at the core of his political journey, he said, “Our only intention is to do good for the people, without any selfish motives.”
    Urging his supporters to transform Tamil Nadu into a model State, he said, “We should bring a wonderful change in our politics. All the other States should look at us in awe. We have to achieve [this goal] and show it [to the World].”
    ‘Family comes first’
    Stating that “God has given everyone this opportunity [to bring about a positive political change]”, he asked his supporters to, however, take care of their families first. “I won’t ask you to leave them and come. Home comes first — we should keep that in order — and only then comes the country,” Mr. Rajinikanth said.
    With sections of people signing up to be members of his Rajini Mandram, the actor said any person who has been left out should not feel jealous of others who get posts [in the party]. “The party leadership will take decisions only after taking a number of considerations into account. Do not think that party posts are something bigger. They are only an additional responsibility. Everyone is watching whether we are getting into fights and misunderstandings. We should not give space for all that,” he said.

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