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Trolled for her Haryanvi look in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Divyanka gives a appropriate reply to hater


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fans have a reason to cheer as the leading actress of the popular show, Divyanka Tripathi, silenced the critics who trolled her Haryanavi look on the show. The actress had taken to Instagram to tease the viewers with her upcoming new avatar on the show. The cryptic post was captioned as: Do not miss her tonight! Discover a riot behind this veil..
While there were many who rejoiced at the posts that surfaced and welcomed her new look there were others who trolled her for turning a few of shades darker for the part in question. The troll called Divyanka pathetic and disgusting because she turned darker for a TV show. The person also felt that her new look is humiliating to the people who belong to the lower class.
The person commented saying, “That’s pathetic of you to do a black face for a tv serial. Being dark is not a bad thing and this is really disgusting of you to do” and “Black facing yourself for the sake of a “tv serial track” is pathetic. You didn’t lighten your makeup when you were pretending to be a foreigner in the tv serial, why did you darken yourself to become a maid? Exactly. Double standards.” Divyanka gave it back to her saying, ” If I chose to be dark… How’s it pathetic? Do you find it pathetic? You guys don’t even think before bashing! Which Indian actor will voluntarily choose to look dark on screen? It’s not usual!!!” She also said, “Know me first before judging! I’m doing that make up myself! Everyday! So please… Watch the track, understand and respect instead of writing baseless provocative comments!”

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