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Traffic goes out of control as signals don’t work near Purdah Gate


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The worst-affected are students and office-goers as the non-functional traffic signals cause huge traffic snarls during peak hours. There is no regulation of traffic in the entire stretch from Purdah Gate to Pathergatti, Prakash Singh, a mechanic-cum-shop owner of the area, said.
“There is total chaos here. The non-functional traffic lights have also led to road accidents several times. At times, cops are seen managing the traffic, but most often, they are not there, ” Sudheer Reddy, another commuter said. Traffic snarls during peak hours leave commuters frustrated but the officials concerned appear to have turned a blind eye. Additional commissioner of police G Manohar said that he will verify the matter.
People are facing a lot of inconvenience due to dysfunctional traffic lights at crossings near Purdah Gate and the road that leads to Pathergatti. While traffic jams are a common sight due to these non-functional signals, the problem exacerbates during morning and evening hours, motorists said. Some of the traffic lights don’t function at all while others malfunction, commuters said.

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