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‘Tik Tik Tik’ is like no other film I have done before: Actor Jayam Ravi


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Jayam Ravi gives us Tik Tik Tik, which he assures will be an out-of-the-world experience. A zombie movie (Miruthan), a jungle adventure (Vanamagan) and now India’s first space film (Tik Tik Tik). It’s as though regular scripts don’t appeal to Jayam Ravi any more. As he sees it, an actor should choose a script that’s the ‘equivalent of five films’ given how short an actor’s career can be. And with films like the mega-budget Sangamithra in the pipeline, it doesn’t look like he is kidding.
Excerpts from an interview:
Tik Tik Tik is your second film with Shakti Soundar Rajan after Miruthan. When he approached you with an idea of a space film, how much did you think about if it could be executed or not?
Being able to execute such an ambitious film is always on my mind. It’s really difficult — that’s why no one has attempted such an idea all these years. When Shakti approached me after Miruthan, he said he had two scripts for me — a small one and a big one. Lead actors today don’t have the luxury to act in hundreds of films. Whichever film we choose to do has to be the equivalent of doing five films. So I asked him to write the ‘big’ one, and that is Tik Tik Tik. He narrated a script that I just loved… but that’s also when the doubts started to arise.

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