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The Padmavat Protest: a litmus test of Hindutva before Ram Mandir?


Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s controversial film ‘Padmavat’ got released today all over the country excluding a few states. The Karni Sena has announced a Bharat Bandh in protest of the same. From last 3-4 Months the Karni Sena formed by Rajputs has tried to stop the release of film in many ways.
In view of all these aspects, the questions have raised for political observers if there are any attempts to test the mood for Ram Mandir by wearing a Hindu-Muslim mask; Hindu Padmavat and Muslim invaders king Khilji?
Political observers believe that even after changing the name of film from Padmavati to Padmavat there is a heavy opposition, arson, picketing, demolition,etc. It seems that RSS is in support behind Karni Sena. Before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections of RSS -VHP, Modi wants to take up the issue of Hindutva to become the Prime Minister since he has failed to fulfill the promises made in the 2014 election. On the other hand Congress- Rahul Gandhi is moving ahead with soft Hindutva. This experiment of Rahul was successful in the Gujarat elections and PM Modi’s Home State where BJP got 99 seats from 182. In such a case, Ram Mandir is the only issue for the hardcore Hindutva which can be intercepted by the RSS-VHP. Padmavat is being taken as a chance to check the feeling of Hindutva nowadays in the hearts of people. Political observers also say that the Karani Sena is not a big organization. Its root is limited to Rajasthan. This gang is been taken forward to wake up Hindutva.
They said that there is a strong protest between Hindu –Muslim wearing the mask of Khilji Muslim of Padmavat and Padmavati Hindu Rajputani. Karni Sena is not at national level but behind the scenes it is said that RSS supports them. Despite the Supreme Court’s order the film was stopped from release. In 2019, BJP does not have any other concrete issue other than the Ram Mandir to win again. To keep it alive in the minds of the people, RSS-BJP talked on Ram Mandir issue. Is Padmavat a trailer of Ram Mandir? Now the days are not far when the demand of the RSS or VHP will be raised for the construction of Ram Mandir.

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