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Teacher’s demanding pay for summer vacations


(G.N.S) Dt. 13
Demanding that the state make it compulsory to pay teachers even during summer vacations, private teachers from various schools on Friday staged a protest at the office of the director and commissioner of school education G Kishan.
The teachers demanded that the state strictly implement GO MS no 1 and ensure that they get PF, ESI among other benefits. “When schools are collecting fees for the year from parents, why can’t they give us salaries for 12 months? We have no alternate income and it is very hard for a majority of us to survive without salary for one-and-a-half months,” said Shabbir Ali, president, Telangana Private Teachers’ Forum (TPTF). The protest was organised under the aegis of TPTF.
“If we are not paid summer salaries this year, we are going to organise district-wise protests in April. Thousands of teachers working in the private school across the state, will participate in that protest,” said Ali.
Talking about the fee hike in private schools, the teachers said that instead of having a common fee structure, schools should be asked to decide the fee for a particular academic year. “The government should make it compulsory to form a committee with all stakeholders – management, teachers, parents, officials from the education department – and issues like fee hike should be discussed and accordingly fee hiked,” said Naveen Kumar, a protester. The protesters further said that government should direct schools to pay them as per the pay scale. “While the school managements are earning crores by charging exorbitant fees, the teachers are paid peanuts. Unless the government makes it compulsory to pay us as per the pay scale, our problems will not be solved,” said Srinivas Goud, another protester. More than 200 teachers were part of Friday’s protest.

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