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Sonia Gandhi accuses PM Modi for making hollow promises, tears into ‘dramebaaz, arrogant’


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New Delhi
Former Congress chief Sonia Gandhi today tore into the BJP for being “arrogant and power hungry” and said its “dramebaaz” (“gimmicky”) attitude shorn of sincerity would see the Congress soar again first in Karnataka and then in the rest of India. Sonia Gandhi hit out at the Narendra Modi-led BJP government for undermining the Constitution, legislature and a free press besides targeting opposition leaders.
In first address to Congress plenary as party president, Rahul Gandhi slams BJP for ‘using anger to divide country’
Former Congress president Sonia Gandhi today launched an all-out attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, saying that his pre-poll promises of combating corruption and ensuring inclusive development were “only dramebazi’ and a trick to grab power.
At the 84th plenary of the Congress, Sonia also exhorted party workers to never give in to power plays and intimidation – which she said the BJP is doling out like largesse – and to stay at the forefront of the fight against the saffron’s party “dictatorial” and “intolerant” behavior.
She called upon them to forcefully fight against the challenges posed by the present dispensation and asked them to mount a struggle to free the country from the fear of power.
“The slogans of ‘sab ka saath, sab ka vikas’ and ‘na khaoonga, na khaane doonga’ are only and only dramebazi (drama) and a trick to grab power,” she said, referring to Modi’s promises of inclusive development and corruption-free governance.
She said that the Congress was fighting the tyrannical Modi government and the people have begun to realise that the promises made by the BJP in 2014 were hollow.
“Under the leadership of former PM Manmohan Singh, the economy of this country flourished. Our government formed policies which lifted millions of people from poverty. And today, the Modi government is weakening these policies,” she said.
Gandhi said the present dispensation was using all means to be in power. But the Congress has and will never bow before the power of arrogance of this government which has launched vendetta against its opponents, she said.
The Congress parliamentary party chief said the party was exposing the frauds of the Modi government with proof.
The party, she said, was making efforts to win back the trust of the people and would work with like-minded parties to oust the BJP.
“The Congress is not a political term, it is a movement,” she said, adding “a very well-regarded one”. ” The poll results from Gujarat, Rajasthan and MP show that those who wanted to erase our identity, they had no idea that even now people have so much respect for the Congress,” said Sonia, referencing recent bypolls as well as upcoming Assembly elections right at the start of her speech.
The 84th plenary of the Congress began today . Over the two-day meet, the Congress is set to roll out a road map for reversing its downward electoral journey. Therefore, with her eye firmly on Lok Sabha 2019, Sonia told members the Congress is the only party that can take the country forward. It’s a task the BJP has failed in, she said.
“In 2014, when the Modi government came, they talked of ‘sabka saath, sabka vikaas, ‘na khaoonga, na khane doonga’… all dramebaazi (gimmickry) to get votes,” she thundered about the Centre’s slogans, even as thousands of party workers, gathered for the party plenary, erupted in raucous cheers.
The BJP, said Sonia, has only been working towards a “Congress-mukt” (Congress-free) India and not to advance the country.
“In the last four years, this arrogant government has left no stone unturned to destroy the Congress. But Congress has never bent and will never bend,” said the former party president.
Citizens don’t need a Congress-free India, they need a corruption- and vendetta-free India, said Sonia.
“The Modi government’s autocratic behavior, disrespect for Parliament and the Constitution, the fake cases it files against opposition leaders, the harassment of the media … in fighting all of this the Congress is at the forefront. We are exposing Modi and his frauds with proof,” said Sonia, once again her old fiery self.
She also urged the partymen to extend all support to the new party chief and her son Rahul Gandhi who had taken over the reigns in “such difficult times”.
Sonia also talked about her son Rahul Gandhi who succeeded her as party president in December. She acknowledged it was a difficult time for him to have taken on the mantle.
“I congratulate Rahul Gandhi, he took up this responsibility (of party president) at a very challenging time,” said Sonia.
Earlier today, Congress president Rahul Gandhi targeted the BJP right off the bat in his first address to the party plenary, saying the saffron outfit “uses anger” to divide the country, something the Congress will never do.
He also said the BJP’s “emphasis on divisive politics” has led its focus away from key issues like unemployment and farmers’ distress, and added that the Congress is the only party that can take the country forward, bringing along with it each and every citizen regardless of caste or creed.
“The country is tired, it’s looking for a way, and I say from my heart that only the Congress can show India the way. The difference between the Congress and the Opposition (BJP), the big difference, is they use anger, we use love and regard for our fellow humans,” said Rahul.

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